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Categories of membership

a)  Ordinary Membership is available to persons and through a nominated representative to organisations in possession of a licence to operate aircraft for hire and reward issued by Kenya Civil Aviation Board and an Air Operator’s Certificate issued by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority.

b)  Ordinary Membership (Non-Voting) is available to individuals or organisations authorised by Kenya Civil Aviation Authority to carry out the maintenance of aircraft equipment or to engage actively in matters relating to Civil Aviation.

c)  Associate Membership is available to owners and operators of aircraft not covered by a) above and to individuals or organisations involved in civil aviation and associated industries not covered by b) above.

d)  Honorary Membership may be granted to individuals or organisations who may not normally fall into any of the above categories but who may be deemed by the members of the Executive Committee of the Association at their sole discretion to be desirable members of the Association.


Application for Membership, Entrance Fees and Subscriptions
Persons or organisations wishing to become members of the Association must apply in writing to the secretary enclosing copies of relevant approvals issued by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority  If the applicant qualifies for membership, an application form will be forwarded by the secretary.  The applicant should return the form complete in all details and signed by a proposer and a seconder, who must themselves be fully paid up members of the Association of at least three years standing.  A cheque for the entrance fee and the first year’s subscription is payable at this stage and will be refunded in full should the Executive Committee reject the application.

The fees are subject to review by the Executive Committee from time to time.

The application if properly completed will be put before the Executive Committee of the Association at its next routine meeting.  In principle, the Association welcomes all eligible applicants in order to be able to represent the aviation and associated industries as comprehensively as possible.  However, if it is felt for any reason that an applicant’s operation falls short desirable standards of professionalism, integrity or safety, the Executive Committee will reject the application in order to preserve the overall standards which the Association wishes its membership to maintain.  The Executive Committee’s decision will be final nor is the Committee obliged to give any reasons for the rejection of any application.

By the same token, an existing member whose operation falls short of the desired standards will be asked to rectify the deficiencies by the Committee and if no improvement results, the member’s membership may be suspended or terminated in accordance with the Association’s rules.

In the event of an applicant joining part way through the calendar year, or a member being suspended during the year, a refund of part of the subscription will not normally be allowed.




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