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KAAO: Who Are We?

The following exposition was approved by the Executive Committee of the Association at a meeting held on the 12th September 1989.  It explains the Association’s aims and objectives and presents in one document essential information about the Association which its members or the Public may seek from time to time.

The Association’s affairs are conducted in accordance with its Memorandum and Articles.  In the event that anything in this exposition proves to be at variance with the clauses of the Memorandum and Articles, the latter will prevail.

The Constitution of the Association
The Association is a Company Limited by Guarantee under the companies’ Act of Kenya and the liability of individual members is limited to Kshs.100/-
The office Bearers of the Association, all of whom with the exception of the Executive Officer are voluntary and elected or appointed annually, are the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Vice Chairman (Coast) and Secretary/Treasurer (these posts normally be combined)

The Ordinary Members of the Association in General Meeting elect the office bearers and one third of the Executive Committee annually.  A quorum for General Meeting shall be five ordinary members personally present.

Members of the Executive Committee (not more than ten in number including the Chairman, and Vice Chairman (Coast), retire in rotation and are eligible for re-election as to one third of their number each year.  The Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary/Treasurer are ex-officio members of the Committee while the Executive officer remains in attendance.

The Executive Committee is the decision-making body of the Association.  The quorum for meetings of the Executive Committee is 4 members.  Whereas a member of the Association may be a body corporate represented by a nominee, a committee member is always a named individual elected for his or her particular knowledge of the aviation industry.  Therefore he or she cannot be replaced on the Committee in the event of incapacity by another individual without an election taking place in accordance with the Association’s Articles.

Members of any category may attend routine Executive Committee meetings and contribute to them if called to do so by the Chairman, but they may not vote at them.  The Executive Committee may however ask all non-committee members to leave, or may call a meeting of the Executive Committee members only at any time if in its sole discretion it deems it necessary.  The decisions of the Executive Committee are binding upon the members of the Association.

The Executive Committee may co-opt into the committee up to two other members who may themselves not have qualified for membership of the Association, if in the opinion of the members of the Executive Committee their contributions would be beneficial and provided their inclusion does not cause the number of Executive Committee members to exceed ten.


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